Petra Musketeers
About us

We are the first licensed film service company in Petra the world wonder-Jordan registered at Ministry of industry & trade (under the number 110004) and recognized by all official authorities & private sector who concerned about Jordan as new destination for film Maker to provide all logistic Services for  Film ,TV  & Magazine all over Jordan

Why Petra Musketeers?

  • We possess rich experience in handling customer care and needs.
  • We possess the knowledge in film making logistic services.
  • We possess a wide range of contacts with respectful relation with  both public and private sectors that are concerned about film maker involved in issuing the necessary permissions, delivering the required services and tools.
  • We possess the knowledge of all best locations with best timing for filming  in Jordan to be your compass and calendar 
  • We are dedicated to apply our vision and mission. And work with passion.
  • We deliver our services in quality and passion
  • We are the king's loyal Musketeers.

What makes Jordan different?

Find the best filming locations

  • Since early 1960s Jordan was a destination for movie makers when in 1961 Lawrence of Arabia was filmed in the famous Wadi Rum area on of the major touristic attractions in Jordan.
  • From 1986 – 2006 numerous documentaries were filmed in Jordan in various locations by many global film makers.
  • In 1988 The Last Crusade of Indiana Jones was filmed in one of the world wonders Petra
  • In 1992 The Son of the Pink Panther was filmed in various locations i
  • The historical, geographical, geological and the uniqueness of Jordan people make it a desired destination for significant documentaries and partial sceneries. 


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